Comments & Reviews

A Very Valuable Asset

I encourage all members to at least look into the course and see that it is a very valuable asset to any investigators arsenal.

Source: RCMP Officer, Proceeds of Crime Unit, Regina, Saskatchewan.


A Better Approach

This course is allowing me to consciously learn what I've been doing intuitively and organize and improve on it.

Source: Enforcement Officer, Environment Canada, Edmonton, Alberta



Skills Doubled

I can honestly say that my own investigative skills have doubled since taking your course.

Source: A "Cyberangel"



Streamlines the Process

"I'm impressed as to how organized this course is. Although I did use the Internet for my investigations previously and had a fair amount of success, I find that now I have a more organized approach and more thorough knowledge as to applying this new technology to P.I. work. It can really streamline the process and save a lot of foot work."

- Dave Clark, Private Investigator, Kamloops, BC.


One Stop Shopping for Investigators

"I have to say that I am extremely impressed with the web site! It's an incredible gold mine for any investigator."

- R.J. (Bob) Aplin, Investigation and Control Officer, Human Resource Development Canada (Nanaimo, B.C.)


Cyber sleuths - article

"There's a wealth of information in the estimated 320 million pages on the Web and Vancouver investigators are learning how to use it".

- Peter Wilson, Sun Net Works Editor, Vancouver Sun, November 18, 1999.


Cyberspace reduces missing persons caseload - article

BCIT students assist the Salvation Army Family Tracing Service to locate missing persons.

- Dina Sudlow, Canadian Press, April 5, 2000